Yoga for Hotels, Health Clubs & Resorts

Why Yoga is Important in Hotels, Resorts and Health Clubs ?

The novel coronavirus has spread all around the world and seriously affected our wellbeing as well as the social movements of humans. Since the beginning, our immunity has been an effective shield against all the viruses and diseases that mankind has ever witnessed.

Therefore, Yoga and Ayurveda are essential during these stressful times to boost our immunity and battle the Coronavirus. We cannot undermine the fact that prevention is better than cure, and yoga is an absolute way to prevent disease and stay healthy.

Practicing yoga on a daily basis can effectively strengthen our muscles, increase flexibility, reduce joint pains, and alleviate persisting ailments. The current lockdown has harmed our mental health as well; meditation and mindful activities can help cure anxiety and other mental disorders, making our mind calm and stable.

The yogic way of living keeps our mental, physical and emotional health in check, allowing us to live blissfully.


Yoga for Health Clubs & Resorts

With restrictions being uplifted, many state borders are finally open and allowing people to travel for work and other purposes. As a result, Health Clubs and Resorts are now welcoming people for stays, while following all necessary guidelines provided by government and the WHO. Along with comfortable accommodation, Health Clubs and Resorts should also offer health and wellness-oriented services, so that the guests can experience positivity wherever they travel. 

Beswasthya has prepared a team of yoga professionals to offer the best Yoga classes for Health Clubs and Resorts so that your guests get an extra dose of safety and vitality while staying with you.

Our Yoga Classes are available both online and offline for all health clubs, resorts, and hotels across the country. We have a team of highly experienced teachers and instructors, who host specialized yoga classes for practitioners of any level or age group. Our classes offer a range of Yoga styles, Pranayamas, Meditation techniques, and other mindful activities for overall healing of body, mind, and soul. 

We also hold special morning or evening yoga sessions for hotel staff so that they stay healthy and experience the benefits of this unique art. Resorts and Health Club owners may contact us for further information and add immense value to their services.

Ayurveda and Nutrition Classes for Health Clubs & Resorts

Ayurveda is a holistic system of healing that was originated in India around 5,000 years ago. This ancient science of wellness focuses on overall health and aims at striking a balance between the body, mind, and soul for blissful living. Learning Ayurveda and following its principles can significantly improve our lifestyle and keep diseases at bay.

Beswasthya also offers Ayurveda and Nutrition Classes.  Hotels and Resorts can conduct some fun filled knowledgeable sessions to educate the customers about the intricacies of Ayurveda and how nutrition plays an important role in our overall wellness. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are the three bodily energies or dosha that govern our biology and each of them needs to be balanced to live a disease-free life. Our Ayurveda Practitioners will shed light on the attributes of these body types, along with dosha-specific food, different Ayurveda herbs, and healthy eating habits to enhance our living standards. 

In addition, our Ayurveda teachers will also share the nutritional and medicinal aspects of different vegetables, fruits, cereals, etc. Gain insight about different Ayurveda remedies and how our eating and cooking style can eliminate persisting ailments and nutrient deficiency in our body.

Affordable Wellness Sessions To Add Value to Your Resort

Beswasthya’s wellness sessions are a comprehensive mix of Yoga and Ayurveda, with a singular goal of providing you a holistic state of health. Understanding the current scenario, we offer Yoga and Ayurveda Classes both online and offline so that you can experience vitality even during these stressful times.

Health and wellness are the need of this hour and Beswasthya’s Affordable Wellness Sessions aim to uplift your lifestyle, keeping you safe and healthy. Our offline classes are carefully organized in open spaces, where proper social distancing and sanitization measures can be followed. 

Resort and Hotel owners must take advantage of this exceptional service and build a serene and safe environment for their guests and their staff.

Our Yoga Classes are available both online and offline for all health clubs, resorts, and hotels across the country. We have a team of highly experienced teachers and instructors, who host specialized yoga classes for practitioners of any level or age group.


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