Yoga For Hospitals

Why Yoga?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has posed serious challenges to our natural health system and Healthcare facilities all around the world are under immense pressure to deal with the current scenario. The virus has created havoc both for the medical support staff and patients. Yoga is an essential activity during these stressful times to maintain a healthy lifestyle and harmony between body and mind. Operating at physical, mental, breath and cognitive levels, yoga is the need of hour for our overall wellbeing and safety. 

While hospitals provide complete medical support and care to the patients; Beswasthya aims to address mental, emotional and bodily health naturally through Yoga and Ayurveda. Incorporating yoga in hospitals can help create a nurturing and positive atmosphere, which is ideal for quick recovery of patients and wellbeing of hospital staff. Our Yoga classes are held in a controlled and safe manner without interrupting the standard of healthcare in hospitals for staff and patients.

Classes We Offer

Yoga for Hospitals

Yoga in hospitals is beneficial for a variety of reasons; it provides comfort pre and post-treatments, relaxes the mind, and makes the patient feel possitive. Our Online and Offline Yoga Classes are a comprehensive mix of Restorative asanas, Mindful Meditation, and Pranayama techniques that will give patients a feeling of control and serenity. We have a team of learned and expert yoga practitioners, who host specialty yoga classes for recovering patients to increase their immunity and to naturally heal their bodies.

The atmosphere in hospitals has turned upsetting amidst the Pandemic, and the healthcare workers are working day and night to deal with the crisis. Keeping their well-being in mind, we also hold special classes for the hospital staff, so that they can perform daily tasks with ease and keep their mental and emotional health intact. Yoga’s therapeutic value will add immensely to the services provided by health care centers and facilitate the overall process.

Nutrition and Health through Diet in Hospitals

Ayurvedic Diet is an ancient system of wellness that aims at the prevention of diseases through healthy eating. It aims to maintain a delicate balance between the human body, mind, and spirit for holistic care. A right and healthy diet not only keeps us healthy but also boosts our overall health and immune system to get protected and healed from any infections. 

We have an exemplary team of Ayurvedic experts and Nutritionists, who will help you assess different body types, understand their dietary requirements, the nutritional value of different foods, and how our habits can make an impact on our lifestyle. Our Online and Offline Ayurveda Classes can be beneficial for recovering patients, who wish to live their lives in a healthy manner and free from diseases

Affordable Wellness Sessions

Our Affordable Wellness Sessions aim to fulfill the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the patients and staff holistically and effectively. 

With our Online and Offline Yoga classes, we aim to create a healthy and lively environment in healthcare facilities. This collaboration of traditional and modern medicine is an important and positive step for holistic treatment under one roof.Yoga and Ayurveda not only conditions our physical and mental health but also increases our immunity, which is essential to fight the current Pandemic. 

Beswasthya’s Affordable Wellness Sessions are highly flexible and can be easily accommodated in any hospital’s timetable. 

Our practitioners follow proper social distancing and sanitization measures to avoid the spread of the virus and are highly trained to meet the demands of different patients.


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Better your chances of staying whole, happy, and healthy by strengthening yourself through yoga. Our specially customized, immunity-boosting yoga classes are meant to see you through these challenging times ahead!

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