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As the world was not prepared for the pandemic caused by Coronavirus, India has made yoga its armour to boost their immunity and overall health to fight with it enthusiastically. 

As the covid 19 continues, maintaining health has become more important than before. Though people across all age groups are suffering due to this pandemic, school children are becoming its biggest victims. The extended lockdown, closure of schools, playgrounds, parks and various fun activities are making them sick physically as well as mentally. The lack of physical activities, irregular eating habits and increased screen time are causing anger, anxiety and emotional stress.

Many studies and researches and organisations like WHO are suggesting Yoga and mindful practices as one of the best solutions to keep ourselves healthy- both physically and mentally. Yoga is not only about stretching on the mat and breathing exercises, but in fact it is a way of life and teaches us to be disciplined and focused. 

Yoga Classes for Schools in Delhi NCR

Hatha Yoga

The word “Hatha” means “sun” and “moon”. Hatha is a very popular type of yoga all over the world which includes a variety of yoga styles, but if you put it simply, it is the opposite of vinyasa yoga.

Hatha yoga is practiced slowly by taking one pose at one time and holding it. Its pace is slower and the focus is more on stretching which is good to relieve stress. This style of yoga is good for beginners or if you want to focus on your stretching.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga involves the synchronization of breath and movement in order to produce heat which purifies the body. This type of yoga requires good physical strength which helps to build the core strength and tone the body. 

The Ashtanga asanas will not only require your physical strength but also your mental and emotional strength. As yoga goes way beyond the mat, the asanas will help you build physical, emotional and mental strength which are required to find a balance in life.  

Wellness Sessions

Don’t delay and make this pandemic an opportunity to make the lives of your children better by welcoming yoga with open arms with our customized yoga classes. 

Make Beswasthya your partner in these challenging times.  


The ongoing chatter of the mind and stressful conditions of this pandemic often make us lose our focus. As the school life of children has gone through a big change and with increased screen time, it is easier for children to lose their focus.  It is important for children to learn to train their minds in order to improve their focus and concentration and learn to be in the present.  

Meditation is one of the best ways to do so. It involves training your mind to focus and redirecting your thoughts. It will allow you to calm your mind, reduce stress, maintain a positive outlook in the times of this pandemic, develop self discipline and improve sleep patterns.     


Ayurveda is yoga’s sister science and is India’s traditional system of medicine that goes back more than 5,000 years. It provides treatments to people through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies. 

As children are more susceptible to the Covid-19 infection, it is important to give extra attention to their immunity. The Indian people are going the ‘desi way’ to build their immunity. You must have heard yoga experts and doctors recommending ‘nuskhas’ like ‘kadha’ which is an Ayurvedic home remedy made with herbs and spices. It is used to build immunity and fight against infections like cold and cough. 

Our trainers will teach you some basics of Ayurveda and give tips as to how to maintain a healthy body and mind with an Ayurvedic diet. 



Pranayama is a practice involving different breathing techniques which are used to control prana i.e. ‘life force’ within your body. It is an excellent way to boost the immune system and detoxify your body and mind.

 Some of the types of pranayama like anulom vilom, nadi shodhana, kapalbhati, bhastrika and ujjayi improve sleep quality and lung functions and increase mindfulness. 

Understanding numerous health benefits of Yoga, Beswasthya is collaborating with major schools in India to offer quality yoga education and sessions to school children. We are trying to inculcate yoga in their lives through online yoga classes as well as in-campus yoga sessions. Our team of yoga trainers are expert in teaching the following subjects:


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